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Disaster Recovery

Protection and recovery fromVirus Attack

Hard Disc Failure

File Corruption

Accidental System File Deletion

Malicious Software Damage

System Misconfiguration

ANY software abnormality

System Damage due to Hacking

Miltec provide Business Friendly Computer Services that restore your PC to perfect software condition in as little as 5 minutes without erasing your files and data
Operating from Northwich throughout Cheshire and surrounding areas, Miltec Digital present peace of mind for your computer – the ability to store an exact copy of your PC on disc including all your programs and settings (doesn’t overwrite documents - stored separately). You will NEVER have to re-install your Operating System and Software again.

This Disaster Recovery System allows you to completely restore your system from any software problem including:

1)    Virus Attack
2)    Hard Disc Failure
3)    File Corruption
4)    Accidental System File Deletion
5)    Malicious Software Damage
6)    System Misconfiguration
7)    ANY software abnormality
8)    System Damage due to Hacking

Using the same methodology, we can also remove infections from Adware and Spyware. These pernicious and damaging infections can cause severe computer problems from running slow to loss of data. Our Business Computer Services protect you from these problems. Call us now on 0800 990 3217.

We can present you a computer that, from a software point of view, is protected from whatever is thrown at it.